Handling and Care

Are there any precautions concerning putting on, taking off, or wearing the watch?
  • To prevent accidentally falling over and injury, carefully check the area around you to ensure you are in a safe place before looking at the display of the watch.
  • Looking at the watch while running or jogging on the open road, while riding a bicycle, or operating a motor vehicle can lead to accidents. Take care to avoid running into others.
  • While engaged in some activity (bicycle riding, mountain climbing, fishing, etc.), first make sure that any devices you may be using are fully stopped before looking at the watch display.
  • To avoid unexpected injury or skin rash due to allergic reaction, remove the watch before sleeping.
  • When picking up or otherwise coming into contact with a child, remove the watch to avoid possible injury to the child or skin rash due to allergic reaction.
  • Be sure to remove all protective stickers affixed to the watch and/or band before using it. Using the watch without removing protective stickers may result in the build-up of dirt between the watch/band and the sticker, which creates the risk of rust and skin rash.
  • Since the watch and the band come into direct contact with the skin, the conditions below may cause skin rash.
  1. When a wearer is allergic to metal
  2. When the watch or band is rusty dirty, sweaty, etc.
  3. When the wearer is in poor physical condition

  • Tightening the band too tightly can cause you to sweat and make it difficult for air to pass under the band, which can lead to skin irritation. Do not over-tighten the band.
  • Should you ever notice any abnormality, immediately stop using the watch and consult a physician.
  • If you do not plan to use the watch for a long time, thoroughly wipe it free of all dirt, sweat, and moisture, and store it in a location that is not exposed to high temperature, high moisture, or direct sunlight. It is also recommended that you use the setting screen to turn off watch power.
  • Do not allow the watch to come into contact with thinner, gasoline, solvents, oils, or fats, or with any cleaners, adhesives, paints, medicines, or cosmetics that contain such ingredients. Doing so can cause discoloration of or damage to the resin case, resin band, and other parts.
  • If metal components is exposed to sweat or water, wipe thoroughly with a soft, absorbent cloth and then place the watch in a well-ventilated location to dry.
  • Failure to clean dirt from metal components can lead to formation of rust, even if the components are stainless steel or plated.

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