Charging, Power Supply

Why can't I charge the watch?
  • Confirm that the provided AC adaptor and charger cable are securely connected.
  • Make sure that you are using the provided AC adaptor and charger cable correctly.
    Using a non-specified USB connector to supply power, using an extension cable with the charger cable, and other improper use can result in unstable power supply and interfere with charging.
  • Check the charger terminals and charger cable connectors for dirt, dust, or other foreign matter.
    Clean the charger terminal and charger cable connectors by wiping them with a clean, dry cotton swab or cloth, and then reconnect the charger cable and try charging again.
  • Do not try to charge the watch in a location where it is extremely cold or hot.
    Doing so creates the risk of deterioration of the built-in battery, which will cause charging to stop automatically to protect it.
    Charging will resume automatically when temperature returns to the normal range.
    Charging with in the following temperature range is recommended: 10℃ to 35℃.

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