My smartphone displays my current location on a map, but the watch's Location Memory and Activity apps do not show my current location.
In addition to GPS location information, a smartphone also uses network information (base station radio wave information, etc.) to display your current location.
However, network information can at times result it jumps of tens to hundreds of kilometers, CASIO apps don't use it and instead uses GPS location information to display tracks.
Because of this, there may be some differences between watch and smartphone location information.

Android Smartphone Users
Since there were calls for the ability to add memos with Location Memory while indoors and underground, updating to the latest version of CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ enables display of your current location, and insertion of memos and marks based on network information. (Note, however, that no tracks are maintained for in the section where network information is used.)

iPhone Users
Current location information is currently not available indoors and anywhere else GPS signals cannot be received.

Try using the watch's Google Play to update to the latest version of the CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ app. For update procedures, refer to "Settings Required to Use CASIO Apps".

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