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What are Tough Battery 10 and Long Life Battery?
These are watches with high-capacity batteries that provide long battery life of up to 10 years. Long battery life can be achieved when such a watch is used in accordance with the conditions described under "Battery Life" in the specifications in the watch's User's Guide. Note, however that the battery in the watch when it is purchased is loaded at the factory for test purposes, and it loses some of its charge during the time the watch spends in shipment and on the shelf at the store. Because of this, the original battery may not provide the battery life noted in the specifications. Also note that even if a watch is a 10-year battery life model, it does not mean that the watch has a 10-year warranty. Your watch requires periodic maintenance over time in order to provide the performance for which it is designed. You should have certain parts of your watch (band, water resistance gaskets, etc.) replaced as required when you take your watch in for inspection.

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