About handling of a watch

What do I need to do for regular user maintenance?
Remember that you wear your watch next to your skin, just like a piece of clothing. To ensure your watch performs at the level for which it is designed, keep it clean by frequently wiping with a soft cloth to keep your watch and band free of dirt, sweat, water and other foreign matter.

• Whenever your watch is exposed to sea water or mud, rinse it off with clean fresh water.

• For a metal band or a resin band with metal parts, use a soft toothbrush or similar tool to scrub the band with a weak solution of water and a mild neutral detergent, or with soapy water. Next, rinse with water to remove all remaining detergent and then wipe dry with a soft absorbent cloth. When washing the band, wrap the watch case with kitchen plastic wrap so it does not come into contact with the detergent or soap.

• For a resin band, wash with water and then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Note that sometimes a smudge like pattern may appear on the surface of a resin band. This will not have any effect on your skin or clothing. Wipe with a cloth to remove the smudge pattern.

• Clean water and sweat from a leather band by wiping with a soft cloth.

• Not operating a watch crown, buttons, or rotary bezel could lead to later problems with their operation. Periodically rotate the crown and rotary bezel, and press buttons to maintain proper operation.

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