About handling of a watch

How does the band attach to the watch?
・Tightening the band too tightly can cause you to sweat and make it difficult for air to pass under the band, which can lead to skin irritation. Do not fasten the band too tightly. There should be enough room between the band and your wrist so you can insert your finger.

・Deterioration, rust, and other conditions can cause the band to break or come off of your watch, which in turn can cause band pins to fly out of position or to fall out. This creates the risk of your watch falling from your wrist and becoming lost, and also creates the risk of personal injury. Always take good care of your band and keep it clean.

・Immediately stop using a band if you even notice any of the following: loss of band flexibility, band cracks, band discoloration, band looseness, band connecting pin flying or falling out, or any other abnormality. Take your watch to your original retailer or to a CASIO service center for inspection and repair (for which you will be charged) or to have the band replaced (for which you will be charged).

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