Please tell me how to do currency conversion.
1. Press [M/EX] to toggle between the Conversion mode and Memory mode.
2. The “EXCH” indicator on the display indicates the Conversion mode.

• To set conversion rates
Currency 1 [C1] is your home country currency, and so it is always set to 1.
Currency 2 [C2] and Currency 3 [C3] are for the currencies of two other countries, and you can change these rates as required. 
Some models have one more conversion rate setting named Currency 4 [C4], whose rate can also be changed. 

To set a conversion rate 1 USD ([C1] home currency) = 0.95 EUR for Currency 2 ([C2]) 
Press [AC], and hold [%] about two seconds. Then input [C2] 0.95 [%]. 

Using [C1] and [C2] above, convert 95 EUR to USD. 
Press [AC], Then input 95 [C2] [C1].

Using [C1] and [C2] above, convert 100 USD to EUR. 
Press [AC], and input 100 [C1] [C2].

*You can check the currently set rate by pressing [AC] and then [C2] 

*Some models are equipped with [C/AC] key instead of separate [C] and [AC] keys. For such models, press [C/AC] once to perform [C] operation or twice to perform [AC] operation.

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