Wireless Functions

What is required to use the wireless function?
 • Connection to an IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard smartphone, or other terminal that supports wireless LAN communication, which can be used to view snapshots stored on the camera.
 • A wireless router is not required.
 • In the case of Auto Send, Remote Capture (Shoot with phone), or sending snapshots or movies, an Android terminal or iPhone with EXILIM Connect installed is required.  
  For information about operating system version supported by the app, check the information on Google Play or the App Store.
  CASIO makes no guarantees concerning operation of devices.
 • Note that use of EXILIM Link or EXILIM Remote is not supported.

 • When there is a Bluetooth wireless technology connection between the camera and a smartphone that supports Bluetooth Smart, Auto Send can be used to copy images to the smartphone each time they are shot with the camera, images copied from the camera can be automatically placed in the smartphone's Scene album, and the camera can be started up from the smartphone to perform a Shoot with Phone operation, or a View On Phone (view camera memory images on the smartphone) operation. 

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