Wireless Functions

Can I use the smartphone app to select a particular image in camera memory and send it to a smartphone?
(Send to phone)
Yes. You can select one more snapshot and/or movie*1 file in camera memory and send it to a smartphone. You can select up to 50 files, totaling no more than 500MB for a single send.
After sending a snapshot to a smartphone, you can then upload it to a social networking service.
*1 Some smartphone models may not be able to play back movie files.
*2 Make sure that the battery is charged sufficiently.
*3 Make sure there is enough free space in the destination memory.
*4 After sending, perform the required operation on the destination device to ensure that the send was successful.
*5 Before deleting the image on the source device, check to make sure that it is stored properly on the destination device.
*6 To use this function with an EX-FR100CA camera, you need to purchase a separate camera controller and pair it with the camera.

1. On the camera, touch Show Icons.
2. On the camera, touch Wireless mode icon.
3. On the camera, touch “Send to phone”.
4. On the camera, touch “Send Selected Image”.
5. On the camera, touch the image you want to send to the smartphone.
    Selecting the image of a file causes its check box to become selected.
    • To exit the send image to smartphone operation, touch “Cancel”.
6. After selecting the images of all of the files you want to send to the smartphone, touch “OK”.
7. On your smartphone, start up the EXILIM Connect app.
    This will establish a connection between your camera and the smartphone, and send the files to the smartphone.
    • If the message "Connect your phone to the access point below." remains on the camera's monitor screen, change the smartphone's Wi-Fi settings so your camera is selected for connection.
8. After image send is complete, perform one of the operations described below on the smartphone.
    Share Album in Scene app: You can use the Scene app on the smartphone to send images from the camera to a smartphone.
    Preview photo in Scene app: You can use the Scene app on the smartphone to view the images received from the camera.
    Send to SNS: Displays a screen for sending images to a social networking site.
    Cancel: Exits the operation.
    * The Scene app is an image management app by ripplex inc. It makes it possible to display images at high speed and to share albums with friends.
       • For information about the Scene app, contact ripplex inc.
       • To use the scene recall function, you need to have the Scene app installed on your phone/terminal.
         If your phone/terminal does not have the Scene app installed, it will display a message prompting you to do so.
       • The Share Album functions of both iPhone and Android to not support movies.
       - On an iPhone, movies sent from EXILIM Connect are placed in Cameral Roll, so they are included among the Scene app photos.
       - On an Android terminal, movies sent from EXILIM Connect are placed in a folder in internal storage named EXILIM Connect, so they do not appear among the Scene app photos.

 • To use any of this function, you need to install the EXILIM Connect app on your smartphone.
 • You can specify the size of the image sent to the smartphone using "Resize before send".
   Resizing only affects snapshots that satisfy the conditions below.
   Images that do not satisfy these conditions are sent the smartphone in the size they are recorded.
   - Recording mode : Super Wide Angle
   - High Speed CS : Off

3M Images are converted to 3M size before being sent.
• If an original image is 3M size or smaller, it is sent without resizing.
Original (Off) Images are sent in the pixels size they were originally recorded.

 • You can use the smartphone apps below to view snapshots after sending them.
   - iPhone: Camera Roll
   - Android terminal: Gallery, Photo, or another photo browser app
 • Simultaneous send to multiple smartphones is not supported.
 • Simultaneous send to the same smartphone by multiple cameras is not supported.
 • Controller operation is disabled while "Remote Capture (Shoot From Phone)" operation is being performed during a Bluetooth Smart connection.
   Turning on controller power causes the following message to appear on hits monitor screen: "Camera connection was lost. Power will turn off"

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