Other Special-purpose Recording Features

What types of continuous shutter are provided?
This camera is equipped with the following types of continuous shutter (CS): High Speed CS 30 fps and High Speed CS Prerecord.

1. In the REC mode, touch Show Icons.
2. Touch “MEMU” -> REC MENU -> High Speed CS
3. Touch the scene that matches what you want to shoot.
Scene Description
 30 fps High-speed shooting of 30 images in one second.
The 30 images are shot after the shutter button is pressed.
Prerecord Pre-records images that are saved when the shutter button is pressed along with real-time shot images for a total of 30 images in one second.

     • If you selected "30 fps", go to step 5.
     • If you selected "Prerecord", go to step 4.
4. Touch "Pre REC".
    This will start pre-recording of a group of images that will be continually updated until you press the shutter button.
     • To stop the pre-record operation of images, touch the "Back icon".
5. Press the shutter button.
    This will shoot 30 CS images.

 • High Speed CS image sizes are shown below.
   - Dome View: 1936x1936
   - Panorama: 3840x960
   - Super Wide Angle: 1600x1200

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