Other Special-purpose Recording Features

What can I do with Interval Snapshot?
You can use Interval Shooting to shoot snapshots and movies automatically at a specified interval.
 •  To prevent loss of power while shooting, use a fully charged battery.
 •  Make sure the memory card you are using has sufficient unused space before using this function.

To start an Interval Snapshot operation
1. In the REC mode, touch Show Icons.
2. Touch the Interval Shooting mode icon.
3. Touch the Interval Shooting scene you want to use.
Scene Description
Standard Shoots at a fixed interval.
Hiking Shoots using a setup optimized for hiking.
cycling Shoots using a setup optimized for cycling.
Snow & Water Shoots using a setup optimized for snow and water sports.
Leisure Shoots using a setup optimized for leisure and trips.

4. If you want to change camera settings for shooting, touch the "Interval Setting icon".
5. Touch an item and then change its setting.

Interval Specifies the shooting interval.
Shooting Style Snapshot + Movie:
Shoots five snapshots followed by a five-second movie.
Movie Only:
Shoots a five-second movie. Audio is also recorded with this setting.
Snapshot Only: Shoots a snapshot.
• When “5 sec” is selected for the “Interval” setting, the movie recording time is two seconds.

6. Touch the “Back icon”.
7. Touch “Start”.
   This starts the Interval Snapshot operation.
    • Touching "Cancel" in place of "Start" will return to the recording mode that was selected before you selected Interval Shooting mode.
    • Starting an Interval Snapshot operation causes the camera and controller to enter a sleep state and standby or recording of the images. This will be indicated by the camera’s operation lamp flashing green.
      Note that the camera will not enter the sleep state if “5 sec” is selected for the “Interval” setting.
    • To recover from the sleep state, press any controller button. Next, touching Information Icon on the monitor screen will display the number of recorded images. The maximum number of shots is 9,999.

 • Anti-shake is applied during Interval Snapshot recording in accordance with the MENU Movie Anti Shake setting.
   However, image anti-shake is not applied.
 • The current shooting setup cannot be changed while shooting with this function.
 • The image after each recording operation is displayed only while “Type 1” is selected as the Review image type.
 • If the camera battery goes dead during an Interval Snapshot operation, the operation will terminate.
   The controller battery going dead does not affect an ongoing operation.
   To stop the Interval Shooting operation in this case, hold down the camera power button on the camera for about two seconds.
 • If you are performing manual camera operations or if the camera is out of the sleep state when the Interval
   Shooting operation reaches a shooting interval, Interval Shooting recording for that interval will be skipped.
 • Pressing the controller's power button while the camera is out of the sleep state will return to the sleep state and restart the Interval Snapshot operation.
 • Initial default settings depend on the selected scene.
 • If you change any settings, they are retained when you turn the camera off.
   To restore initial default settings, perform a reset operation to reset the camera.
 • For interval shooting over a long period, you can attach the USB adaptor to the camera to supply power.

To stop an Interval Shooting operation
1. On the controller, press any button to recover from the sleep state.
2. Touch the stop icon.
3. Touch “Yes”.
   This stops the Interval Shooting operation.

To shoot images manually during an Interval Snapshot operation
You can shoot snapshots and movies manually even while an Interval Snapshot operation is in progress.
1. On the controller, press any button to recover from the sleep state.
2. Perform the required controller or camera operation to shoot the image you want.
   Shutter button: The camera automatically determines whether you are shooting a subject or scenery, and other conditions, and then shoots a snapshot.
   [Movie]: The camera shoots a movie. To stop movie recording, press the movie button again.

 • You can also press the camera’s shutter button or [Movie] to shoot while the camera is in the sleep state.
   Pressing the shutter button will shoot a snapshot as described above for shooting during an Interval Snapshot operation.
 • You cannot shoot with High Speed CS while an Interval shooting operation is in progress.

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