Special Playback Functions

What can I do with Time Lapse Movie?
This function creates a Time Lapse Movie up to 10 minutes long by combining snapshots shot with this camera on a particular date, in the order they were shot.
Movies cannot be included in a Time Lapse Movie.

1. In the PLAY mode, touch Show Icons.
2. Touch the “Time Lapse icon”.
      Flick upwards or downwards on the monitor screen until "Time Lapse Movie" is displayed, and then touch its icon.
3. Select how images should be chosen for conversion to a  Time Lapse Movie.
    • Date : Create a Time Lapse Movie for a specific date.
    • Interval Group : Create a Time Lapse Movie for group of Interval Shooting images.
4. Touch “Setting icon”.
5. Touch an item and then change its setting.
Playback Speed Specify the playback time of each image. Selecting “Slow” specifies a longer playback time for each image, while “Fast” specifies a shorter playback time.
Music Select the background music you want to use.
 Time Lapse Size Select the image quality of the Time Lapse Movie.
Full HD:Creates a heigh-definition-movie (16:9 aspect ratio)
STD:Creates a standard-definition movie(4:3 aspect ratio)

6. After settings are the way you want, touch “Back icon” to return to the screen in step 4.
7. Use (touch) the up and down arrows to display the recording date or Interval Shooting of the images you want to use to create a Time Lapse Movie.
8. Touch “Yes”.
   This creates and displays the Time Lapse Movie.
   • Touching “Cancel” while creation of a Time Lapse Movie is in progress will cancel the creation process.
      No Time Lapse Movie is saved if cancel the creation process part way through.


• If the snapshots you are using are different from the aspect ratio of the Time Lapse Movie, there will be black bands along the top and bottom or left and right of the image.
• When there is a large number of images, this function will stop processing when the Time Lapse Movie reaches a length of 10 minutes. Subsequent images will not be converted to a Time Lapse movie.
• The types of images below cannot be included in a Time Lapse Movie.
   - Dome View images saved using “Double Save (Dome View)”
   - Images created using “Convert Image”
• Depending on the number of files and other factors when a Time Lapse Movie is being created, the creation operation may take some time.

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