REC Mode/Recording Techniques

Can I shoot with the camera without using the controller?
Yes. The camera can be used by itself without turning on the controller and establishing a Bluetooth wireless technology connection between them. Use the procedure below to remove the controller and the hinge unit from the camera.

To detach the controller
While holding down the controller’s [RELEASE] button, pull it out of the camera.

To remove the hinge unit from the camera
While pulling down on the camera's [FREE] lever, rotate the camera counterclockwise about 15 degrees until its operation lamp is aligned with the round mark on the hinge unit.

•  An FR200CA camera can also be used as a stand-alone camera.
•  Installing the EXILIM Connect Smartphone app on your smartphone makes it possible to remotely control the camera from your smartphone and to send images recorded with the camera to your smartphone. Search the EXILIM Connect app on Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and install it on your smartphone or tablet computer.
Go here for information about downloading EXILIM Connect.

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