Multi Camera Mode

How do I unregister a camera?
Note the information below.

1. On the menu screen, touch the "Setup" tab.
2. Touch "Multi Camera".
3. Touch "Unregister".
   The names of the cameras registered on the controller will appear on the display in sequence.
4. Touch the name of the camera you want to unregister.
5. Touch "Yes".
   The camera you selected will be unregistered and then the display will return to the screen that was shown before you touched the "Setup" tab.
   A message will appear if the camera you select is connected to the controller.
   If this happens, touch "Yes" to unregister.

• You cannot unregister either camera while two cameras are connected to a single controller.
  In this case, you need to turn off either of the cameras, and then perform the procedure above to unregister.

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