Multi Camera Mode

What can I do with Multi Camera Mode?
You can register two cameras on the controller and operate them both at the same time or individually.

Simultaneous shooting with two cameras *1 : You could point one camera at yourself and the other camera at a scene, and simultaneously record the scene and your reaction to it.
Switching between two cameras : You can switch between the two cameras as desired.
Interval Shooting *1: You can set up two cameras to shoot snapshots and/or movies at fixed intervals.
Two-camera playback *1 : You can simultaneously play back snapshots and/or movies you recorded with two different cameras.

*1 To use this function, you need to display the Multi Image screen.

• The updates below are required to use this function.
   -  To camera firmware version 2.10
      Version 2.50 does not support Multi Camera Mode shooting.
      Click here to download firmware Ver2.10.
• In addition to the camera that comes with the controller, you can also register the camera model below on the controller.
  – Separately available EX-FR100CA (available in Japan only) or EX-FR200CA digital camera
  – EX-FR100 or EX-FR200 camera

Multi Camera Mode :
The controller is in the Multi Camera Mode while there are two cameras registered on it.
Turning on the controller and the two cameras causes the controller to connect with Camera 1 (main camera) first.
At this time, "Camera Add icon" will appear on the display.
Touch "Camera Add icon" to start the connection operation with Camera 2.
The controller will be able to control both cameras after connection with the second camera is established.
The first that connects with the controller is Camera 1 (main camera), while the second one is Camera 2.

Multi Image Screen :
This view simultaneously shows the record or playback images of both cameras side by side.
The Camera 1 image is on the left, while the Camera 2 image is on the right.

Single Image Screen :
This view shows a full-screen view of either the Camera 1 or the Camera 2 image.
To display the Single Image screen, touch the Camera 1 or Camera 2 Single Image icon on the Multi Image screen.
This will display the Single Image view of the camera whose icon you touched.

• Both of the cameras must be turned on to use the Multi Camera Mode.
  A camera will not be able to connect to the controller if it is not turned on.
• The date and time settings of Camera 2 will automatically be synced with the date and time of Camera 1.
• In the case of portrait orientation, the Multi Image screen will show images above and below instead of left and right.
• When using two cameras in the Multi Camera Mode and both cameras are in the sleep mode, performing either of the operations below to terminate the connection between the controller and its camera will cause the other camera and controller to start up in a recording mode.
- Turning off one of the cameras
- Starting up one of the cameras from a smartphone connected to it using Bluetooth Smart

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