Shock Resistant, Splashproof and Dustproof

What are the details about the camera's Shock resistant, Splashproof, and Dustproof?
• Shock resistant:
Passes testing based on CASIO independent standards*1 formulated according to MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5-Shock.*2
*1 The camera and controller have cleared individual drop testing from a height of 1.7 meters onto plywood (lauan), 10 directions (6 faces, 4 corners).
     (1.3 meters when camera and controller are combined)
*2 Though the camera is designed to withstand the effects of impact occurring during normal daily use, very strong impact due to very rough handling such as throwing the camera or dropping it from excessive heights can result in serious damage.
Even if a drop does not result in functional problems, it can cause scratching and other cosmetic damage to the camera.

• Splashproof:
Splashproof equivalent to JIS/IEC Class 8 (IPX8)*3 and Class 6 (IPX6). Allows continuous use during immersion in water to a depth up to 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) for 60 minutes*4 and protection against jet spray from all directions.*5
*3 Signifies underwater use when immersed for a duration and at a pressure specified by CASIO. Touch panel operation not supported under water.
*4 Test conditions defined by CASIO. Battery life may be shortened by usage conditions.
*5 Use during high-speed travel on water during motor sports, while riding a personal watercraft, etc. is not supported.

Corresponds to IEC/JIS Protection Class 6 (IP6X) dustproofing.

• The shock resistance, splashproofing, and dustproofing of this product are based on CASIO test results, and do not constitute any guarantee that the product will perform, will not be damaged, or will not malfunction under such conditions.

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