Shock Resistant, Splashproof and Dustproof

Is there anything I need to keep in mind when changing the memory card?
• Make sure your hands are not wet when changing the memory card.  Also, take particular care not to let any water get into the camera.
In order to maintain optimal water and dust resistance, periodically inspect the gaskets of the [CARD] cover and [USB] cover for cracks, scratches, and other damage, and for foreign matter. Always make sure that you close covers securely before using the camera.
• Opening and closing a camera cover in an area while in a warm room or an area where moisture is high can result in warm or moist air getting into the camera, and clouding of the lens when shooting. This can be avoided by placing the camera, with its covers open, along with commercially available silica gel, into a plastic bag to dry the interior of the camera before shooting.

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