Wireless Functions

Can images in camera memory be viewed on a smartphone or a computer?
(View on phone)
Yes. You can connect the camera to a smartphone over wireless LAN to view and download snapshots and moives in camera memory on up to eight connected amartphones. You can also view snapshots and movies in camera memory on a computer, and copy them to a computer.
To use this function with an EX-FR100 camera, a smartphone does not need to have the EXILIM Connect app installed in order to access camera images using this function.*
* To use this function with an EX-FR100CA camera, you need to have EXILIM Connect installed on your phone.

1. Enter the PLAY mode. -> Touch Show Icons -> Touch Wireless mode icon -> Touch "Send to phone" -> Touch "View on phone".
    This establishes a connection between the smartphone and camera, and displays a URL.
    • If the message 'Connect your phone to the access point below.' remains on the camera's monitor screen, change the smartphone's Wi-Fi settings so your camera is selected for connection.
    • After about 60 seconds, the camera's monitor screen will go blank. Touching the monitor screen will cause its image to reappear.
2. On the smartphone, start up its browser app.
    • The browser will automatically access the URL displayed by the camera in step 3 of this procedure, and then display an image stored in camera memory.
    • If no camera image appears automatically, manually input the URL into the browser.
    • To exit the wireless LAN function, touch "Exit" on the camera's monitor screen.

• You can use the procedure below to view images in camera memory on a smartphone.
    1. On the camera, hold down [Power] for about two seconds to turn off power.
    2. On the camera, while holding down [Movie], hold down [Power] for about one second.
    3. For the smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings, enter the camera’s SSID and password to establish a wireless LAN connection between the camera and smartphone.
      When the smartphone establishes a wireless LAN connection with the camera, the camera’s wireless LAN connection lamp lights blue and the message “Start up the phone app.” appears on the controller’s monitor screen.
      - What you need to do to establish a wireless LAN connection depends on the type of smartphone you are using. For details about how to establish a wireless LAN connection see the user documentation that comes with your smartphone.
      - The camera SSID (which cannot be changed) and password (initial default) are shown below.
         SSID: FR100-XXXXXX (6-character alphanumeric ID)
         Password: 00000000
    4. On the smartphone, start up “EXILIM Connect”.
    5. On the smartphone, tap “View on phone”.
        This displays an index of images in camera memory.

• Some smartphone models may not be able to play back movie files.
• You can also view image in camera memory on a computer's browser by establishing a wireless LAN connection with the computer.
•  In the case of iOS7, there may be cases in which the phone/terminal may not be able to return from movie playback, etc.
  If this happens, perform the procedure below to change the phone's Wi-Fi setting.

Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Press the [i] button for your camera. -> Select OFF for Auto-Login.

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