Wireless Functions

What can I do with "Auto Send"?
Auto Send automatically sends images from the camera to a smartphone that has been paired with it by Bluetooth.
Images are sent to the smartphone while the camera is in the sleep mode.
While an Auto Send operation is in progress, the operation lamp is lit green and the wireless LAN connection lamp flashes blue.
If there is no wireless connection between the camera and smartphone, the images will be sent as soon as a connection is established.

1. On the camera, touch Show Icons.
2. On the camera, touch Wireless mode icon.
   This will display the wireless mode screen.
    • Touching the back icon returns to the screen that was displayed before the wireless mode screen.
3. On the camera, touch “Wireless settings”.
   This will display the wireless settings screen.
4. On the camera, touch “Auto Send”.
5. On the camera, touch “On”.
    • Pressing the back icon cancels the selections and return to the wireless mode screen.

 • Auto Send can be used only with a smartphone that supports Bluetooth Smart.
  Both a Bluetooth and wireless LAN connection are required between the camera and smartphone to auto send camera images.
 • You can use the "Auto Send File Settings" item on the wireless settings screen to specify either snapshots only, or both snapshots and movies as the send images. The maximum movie size for a send operation is 100 MB.
 • You can specify the size of the image sent to the smartphone using "Resize When Sending".

3M Images are converted to 3M size before being sent.
• If an original image is 3M size or smaller, it is sent without resizing.
Original (Off) Images are sent in the pixels size they were originally recorded.

 • You can use the smartphone apps below to view snapshots after sending them.
   - iPhone: Camera Roll of the Photos app
   - Android terminal: Gallery, Photo, or another photo browser app
 • Images you shoot while Auto Send is enabled (On) are sent to the smartphone, even if you disable Auto Send before the images are sent. If you want to cancel send of pending Auto Send images that have already been shot, unpair the camera from the phone.
 • Note that if the connection between the camera and smartphone is lost while there are unsent images in memory, the camera will trun off after about one minute.
   In this case, the camera will try to send the images again after it is turned back on.
 • If the camera turns off due to low battery power while there are pending Auto Send images, the pending images will be sent the next time the camera is turned on after charging.
   This is true as long as the pairing relationship between the camera and smartphone is maintained.
 • If the camera is unable to establish a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connection for one minute because the smartphone's Wi-Fi is disabled (OFF) or for some other reason, the camera will autmatically stop wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) processes in order to reduce power consumption.
   If you want to Auto Send previously recorded images to the smartphone, enable smartphone Wi-Fi and then turn the camera off and then back on again. This will re-execute Auto Send.

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