Wireless Functions

How do pair a different smartphone with the camera using Bluetooth Smart technology?
To connect the camera wirelessly with a different smartphone, you first need to perform the steps below to unpair from the current smartphone. Next, re-configure wireless settings for the newly paired smartphone.

Camera Operation
1. On the camera, touch Show Icons.
2. On the camera, touch Wireless mode icon.
   This will display the wireless mode screen.
    • Touching the back icon returns to the screen that was displayed before the wireless mode screen.
3. On the camera, touch “Wireless settings”.
   This will display the wireless settings screen.
4. On the camera, touch “Unpairing”.

• You can also unpair by holding down the camera's Movie button and shutter button, as you hold down the power button for six seconds.
   Unpairing is complete when the camera's operation lamp goes out.
   For the EX-FR100CA, use the method here to unpair.
   Performing this procedure returns the wireless LAN password to its initial default setting (00000000).

Phone Operation
5. In EXILIM Connect, tap "Settings".
6. Tap "Unpairing".
    • In the case of iOS, delete the camera's Wi-Fi settings (profile) from the smartphone.

 • The above operation does not unpair the camera and controller.
 • The unpair operation needs to be performed on both the camera and smartphone.
 • Unpairing the camera from a phone will result in all pending unsent images to remain unsent.
   To use Auto Send to send images to the newly paired smartphone, enable Auto Send after pairing and then shoot the images you want.

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