Wireless Functions

Why don't any of the wireless function (Auto Send, Shoot with Phone, Send To Phone, View On Phone) work?
 • Is EXILIM Connect installed on the smartphone?
 • The EXILIM Connect app must be installed on the smartphone to use Auto Send, Remote Capture (Shoot with phone), or sending snapshots or movies.
   However,  EXILIM Connect may not run correctly on some smartphones.
 • If you use EXILIM Connect to perform a View On Phone operation, you will not be able to play movies.
   Some smartphones may not support movie playback using a View On Phone operation executed from a browser.
   Send the movie to a smartphone using "Send to phone" and then play it back. However, when using an iPhone, the phone may not accept a sent movie, depending on the phone model and/or iOS version.
   Also, some smartphone models may not be able to play back movie files.
 • "Auto Send", "Shoot with phone", and "Send to phone" operations can be performed on a 1-to-1 (one phone, one camera) basis only.
 • "View on phone" supports simultaneously browsing of snapshots in camera memory by up to eight devices (smartphones, terminals, computers).
 • Some smartphones may not be able to store images you send them unless the smartphone has a microSD memory card loaded.
 • Attempting to use a memory card that includes a wireless function can cause interference and abnormal operation.

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