Wireless Functions

What can I do with the wireless LAN functions?
Establishing a wireless connection between the camera and a smartphone enables the functions described below.

Auto Send*1,*2,*3 : Images can be automatically sent as they are shot to a smartphone that has been Bluetooth paired with the camera.
Remote Capture (Shoot with phone)*1,*2,*4 : Remotely control and shoot with the camera using a smartphone.
Select with Phone App*1,*2,*5,*6,*7 : Send snapshots and movies recorded with your camera to your smartphone.
View on phone*7 : Use a smartphone or computer to view and copy snapshots stored in camera memory.

*1 You need to have EXILIM Connect installed on your phone to use this function.
    For information about operating system version supported by the app, check the information on Google Play or the App Store.
*2 Sending an image to a smartphone does not affect the image in camera memory.
*3 Both a Bluetooth and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connection are required to auto send camera images.
*4 With a smartphone that supports Bluetooth Smart, the camera can be started up from the smartphone for a Remote Capture (Shoot with phone) operation.
*5 After sending an image to a smartphone using "Send to phone", you can upload the image to a social networking service (SNS).
*6 After sending an image to a smartphone using "Send to phone", you can use the Scene app on the smartphone to view the sent images.
    The Scene app is an image management app by ripplex inc. It makes it possible to display images at high speed and to share albums with friends.
   • For information about the Scene app, contact ripplex inc.
   • To use the scene recall function, you need to have the Scene app installed on your phone/terminal.
     If your phone/terminal does not have the Scene app installed, it will display a message prompting you to do so.
*7 To use this function with an EX-FR100CA camera, you need to purchase a separate camera controller and pair it with the camera.
*8 To use this function with an EX-FR100CA camera, you need to have EXILIM Connect installed on your phone.

 • Your camera has Bluetooth wireless technology and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) functionality built in.
   Never use wireless functions inside an aircraft or anywhere else where such operation is restricted.
 • Some smartphone models may not be able to play back movies obtained from the camera.
 • Depending on your smartphone model, its operating system version, and/or its remaining storage capacity can cause failure of a movie or snapshot save operation. After send operation, perform the required operation on your smartphone to ensure that the movie or snapshot was saved properly.
 • Viewing a movie received on an Android terminal:
  Note that movies are not displayed by Gallery. Movies are stored in a folder named “EXILIM Connect”.
  A separate movie player is required to playback movies (whose files have the file name extension MOV).
  Depending on your movie player, you may not be able to playback movies and/or audio.
 • Images recorded with another company's camera cannot be sent to a phone by the camera.
 • This camera can be used as an access point only.
   It cannot be used as a client.

    Access Point:
    This camera functions as an access point that allows it to be connected over a wireless connection to a smartphone or a computer, without going through a router, etc.

 • Note that using wireless LAN functions requires more battery power usage than normal.
   Make sure that the camera battery is sufficiently charged before starting a wireless LAN operation.
 • The operating range depends on the local communication environment and on the type of smartphone you are connected to.

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