Wireless Functions

Can I add location information to recorded images?
Yes. You can use EXILIM Connect to add location information to snapshots shot with “Remote Capture (Shoot with phone)” when they are sent to a smartphone.

On an Android terminal, select "Setting" on the Remote Capture screen.
* With an Android terminal you will need to turn on the the operating system's position information service.                          
On an iPhone, perform the following operation: "Settings"  -> "Privacy"  -> "Location Services".

 • Note you will not be able to add position information if your smartphone is unable to obtain it.
 • Position information cannot be added to movies.
 • Position information cannot be added to snapshots sent using  "Auto Send" or "Send to phone".

 • Enabling location-based services causes the recording date, location information, and other personally identifiable information to be included in the snapshot data. Take care when sharing or publishing such images on web services, etc.

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