Wireless Functions

What should I do if I forget WLAN password I changed to?
To check the wireless LAN password on the controller monitor screen, the camera and controller must be paired with each other using Bluetooth wireless technology.
If you forget the wireless LAN password you changed to while using the camera without using the controller, you can use the procedure below to return the camera's wireless LAN password to its initial default setting.

1. Turn off the camera.
2. While holding down [Movie] and the shutter button on the camera, hold down [Power] for about six seconds.
   The process is complete when the operation lamp flashes green for about 5 seconds.

 • At the time of purchase, the default WLAN password settings are the same for all models. Using this model without changing WLAN password may result in mistaken connections with other devices in the same location as well as allow others access to private information such as images.

 • Note that Bluetooth Smart is unpaired by the above procedure.
 • You can look up the SSID by tapping the "Wireless LAN setting icon" of "EXILIM Connect".

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