Other Special-purpose Recording Features

What can I do with long legs?
Composing the image in accordance with the on-screen guide lines will produce an image that enhances the length of the subject’s legs.

1. In the REC mode, the Long Legs icon.
2. Touch the scene that matches what you want to shoot.
 • Touching the Long Legs icon on the screen and then touching the Long Legs scene displays detailed information about the scene.
3. Compose the image so the subject’s face and legs are aligned with the guide lines on the screen.
4. Press the shutter button to shoot.

• The updates below are required to use this function.
   -  To camera firmware version 2.50
      Click here to download firmware Ver2.50.

• Zoom is disabled while Long Legs guidelines are on the screen. If the lens is zoomed when the Long Legs scene is selected, it will return to the normal (unzoomed) position automatically.
• The Long Legs scene cannot be used during movie recording.

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