Other Special-purpose Recording Features

What types of continuous shutter are provided?
This camera is equipped with the following types of continuous shutter (CS): High Speed CS 30 fps and High Speed CS Prerecord.

1. In the REC mode, touch Show Icons.
2. Touch the recording mode icon.
3. Touch "High Speed CS".
4. Touch the scene that matches what you want to shoot.
Scene Description
High Speed CS 30 fps High-speed shooting of 30 images in one second.
The 30 images are shot after the shutter button is pressed.
High Speed CS Prerecord Pre-records images that are saved when the shutter button is pressed along with real-time shot images for a total of 30 images in one second.

     • If you selected "High Speed CS 30 fps", go to step 6.
     • If you selected "High Speed CS Prerecord", go to step 5.
5. Touch "Pre REC".
    This will start pre-recording of a group of images that will be continually updated until you press the shutter button.
     • To stop the pre-record operation of images, touch the "Back icon".
6. Press the shutter button.
    This will shoot 30 CS images.

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