Other Special-purpose Recording Features

What can I do with ART SHOT?
A variety of artistic effects help to make even common, ordinary subjects become more novel and exciting.
Art Shot types and what they do are shown in the table below.

To shoot with Art Shot, select one of scenes described below.

Scene Description
Toy Camera Dark edges and altered hues make images look like they were shot by a toy camera.
Soft Focus Overall burring for a soft and romantic effect.
Light Tone Weakened contrast for a feeling of airy refinement.
Sepia Sepia tones create a decidedly retro look.
Monochrome All of the strong contrast and graininess of black and white print.

 • Art Shot effects will not be applied to a movie shot while an Art Shot scene is selected.
 • Make-up is disabled while shooting with this function.
 • The intensity of the art effect cannot be adjusted.
 • An image shot with an ART SHOT scene cannot be converted to a normal image without the ART SHOT effect.

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