Special Playback Functions

What can I do with Highlight Photo?
You can configure camera settings to automatically select snapshot highlights for a particular day or an Interval Snapshot operation, and generate a collage of them.
The snapshots included in a Highlight Photo are selected automatically based on their high light scores and shooting condition information recorded along with the snapshots.
• You can use the Highlight Score function to change the highlight score of a snapshot.

1. In the PLAY mode, touch Show Icons.
2. Touch “Edit icon”.
3. Touch “Highlight Photo icon”.
    • Touching the "Information" icon will display a detailed explanation about image editing functions.
      Flick upwards or downwards on the monitor screen until "Highlight Photo" is displayed, and then touch its icon.
4. Select how images should be chosen for conversion to a Highlight Photo.
    • Date : Images are selected from among those shot on a specific date.
    • Interval Group : Images are selected from among those in a group of Interval Shooting images.
5. Touch “up icon” or “down icon” to select the date or Interval Shooting for which you want to create a Highlight Photo.
6. Touch “up icon” or “down icon” to display the layout you want to use, and then touch it.
7. Touch “Apply”.
   This displays the Highlight Photo and saves it in camera memory.
    • The screen that appears after the images is saved includes a “Shuffle icon”.
      Touch this icon to have the camera re-select snapshots, and generate and save another Highlight Photo.
      Touching the "Shuffle" icon causes the previous Highlight Photo to be deleted.
8. Touch “OK” to exit Highlight Photo.

• An image whose highlight score is “0” is never included in a Highlight Photo.
• Touching "Cancel" while creation of a Highlight Photo is in progress will stop Highlight Photo creation.
  Nothing is saved if you stop Highlight Photo creation.
• When there are more than 10,000 snapshots shot on the same date or during the same Interval Snapshot operation stored on the memory card, Highlight Photo will select photos from those numbered 1 to 9999.
• The Highlight Photo operation may not be possible while battery power is low.
• The message "Memory Full" will appear if there is not enough memory to store files during creation of a Highlight Photo.
  Required memory capacity for Highlight Photo creation is shown below: 

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