When things don't go right...

Images I shoot are out of focus.
1)Any of the following can make proper focus impossible.
   – Solid color wall or other very low contrast subject
   – Strongly back lit subject
   – Very shiny subject
   – Blinds or other subject with a repeating horizontal pattern
   – Multiple subjects at varying distances from the camera
   – Subject in a dark location
   – Camera movement while shooting
   – Fast-moving subject
   – Subjects outside the focus range of the camera

2) If Auto Focus is selected for the focus setting, you may be too close to the subject.
    Try moving away from the subject.

3) Is the lens dirty?
    If the lens is dirty, clean it using a blower to blow off dust or foreign matter, and then wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

    Never touch the lens with your fingers. Finger smudges, dirt, and other foreign matter on the lens can interfere with proper operation of the camera.
    Use a blower or other means to keep the lens and flash window free of dirt and dust, and wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth.

4) Is there camera movement while you are shooting?
   Make sure the camera is secured in place when shooting.

5) Is the distance between the camera and subject within 3 cm?
   Check the distance between the camera and subject.

6) Proper focusing is not possible outside the focus range. Shoot within the allowable range.
    Shoot within the allowable range.

7) When recording a while the focus mode setting is "Macro", focus will fixed at what it was when recording started.
   Because of this, the subject may go out of focus if it moves nearer to or further from the camera during shooting.

8) This problem can occur after the camera has been subjected to strong impact. In rare cases, it could mean that the lens is misaligned. Try turning the camera off and then back on again.
   If this does not correct the problem, contact your local Authorized CASIO Service Center.

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