When things don't go right...

Images are not displayed.
1) If the camera operation LED is also unlit, check to make sure that camera power is turned on.
Images recorded while a memory card is loaded are saved to the memory card. When no memory card is loaded, images are saved to camera built-in memory. Because of this, the camera needs to be turned on even if you are playing back images with the controller.

2) If the Bluetooth connection icon is displayed on the controller monitor screen in place of images, it means there is no Bluetooth wireless technology connection between the camera and controller.
Move the camera and controller closer together.

3) If the camera operation LED is also slowly flashing green, it probably means the controller is in the sleep mode.
To restore the controller display, press the controller button.

4) Nothing is displayed on the controller's monitor screen during an Interval Snapshot operation.
To restore the monitoring screen during an Interval Snapshot operation, press any controller button.

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