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Why does the lens fog up?
• Sudden and extreme temperature changes, such as that which occurs when moving from the outdoors on a cold winter day into a warm room, can cause water droplets called “condensation” to form on interior and exterior surfaces, creating the risk of malfunction. To prevent condensation from forming, seal the camera in a plastic bag before changing locations. Leave the bag sealed to allow the air inside to naturally change to the same temperature as the air in the new location. After that, remove the camera from the bag and leave it in the new environment for a few hours.
• Opening and closing a camera cover in an area while in a warm room or an area where moisture is high can result in warm or moist air getting into the camera, and clouding of the lens when shooting. This can be avoided by placing the camera, with its covers open, along with commercially available silica gel, into a plastic bag to dry the interior of the camera before shooting.

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