If I want to play back a movie on a computer, what type of computer do I need?
Compared with snapshot files, the movie files (MOV format, H.264/AVC standard) of this camera are very large. The following computer system environment is recommended in order to provide the high processing speed that is required for proper movie playback.  
 Recommended Computer System Requirements for Movie Playback 


OS Required software
Windows Media Player 12
Windows Vista Software that can play movie files with the file name extension MOV


OS Required software
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher QuickTime Player

• The above are recommended system environments. Configuring one of these environments does not guarantee proper operation.
• Certain settings and other installed software may interfere with proper playback of movies.

<Movie Playback Precautions>

• Be sure to move the movie data to the hard disk of your computer before trying to play it. Proper movie playback may not be possible for data accessed over a network, from a memory card, etc.
• Proper movie playback may not be possible on some computers. If you experience problems, try the following.
 - Shut down other applications that are running.

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