REC Mode/Recording Techniques

What types of zoom can be camera perform?
Your camera is equipped with digital zoom, that lets you zoom an image up to 4X.
Note that a digital process is used to enlarge the center of the image, so there is deterioration of image quality.

To change the zoom factor:
With your thumb and forefinger touching each other, hold them against the controller monitor screen as you spread them apart to increase the zoom factor. Bringing your thumb and forefinger closer to each other decreases the zoom factor. Performing either of the operations above causes a plus (+) or minus (-) icon to appear on the display. You can also change the zoom factor by touching either of the icons.

• You can perform a zoom operation by holding down "+" or "-".
• Telephoto images are prone to blurring caused by camera movement when youpress the shutter button. Because of this, stabilizing the camera by placing it on alevel surface, etc. is recommended.
• Zoom operations are disabled during Interval Snapshot shooting.
• Zoom operations are disabled during movie recording. Perform the zoom operation before you start recording.

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