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What is the recording capacity of the camera in terms of number of images and movie recording time?
The following shows the number of image and the movie recording time capacities for built-in memory and a memory card. Note that these values are approximate, and may be different depending on individual file size.
Snapshots : JPEG (Exif Ver.2.3)
Image Size (pixels) Approximate Image File Size Built-in memory *1
microSD Memory Card *2
Recording Capacity
(4000 x 3000)
4.13 MB 7 shots 2286 shots
(2560 x 1920)
2.99 MB 14 shots 4283 shots
Movies : MOV (H.264/AVC) 
Image Quality
File Size
Approximate Data Rate
(Frame Rate)
Built-in memory *1
Recording Capacity
Maximum Recording
Time with microSD Memory Card
Full HD (1920×1080)
4 GB or
29 minutes
14.2 Megabits/second
(30 frames/second)
26 seconds *3 2 hours
14 minutes
55 seconds
STD (640×480)
3.8 Megabits/second
(30 frames/second)
1 minute
41 seconds *3
8 hours
33 minutes
37 seconds
HS240 (512×384)
(No audio)
40.0 Megabits/second
(240 frames/second)
9 seconds *3 48 minutes
5 seconds
* 1 Built-in memory capacity after formatting (Approx.49.9MB)
* 2 The above values are based on use of a 16GB microSDHC memory card (SanDisk Corporation). The number of images you can save depends on the type of memory card you are using.
* 3 The data transfer rate of built-in memory is not sufficient for HD movies. Whenever possible use an Ultra High-Speed Type memory card.
Snapshot and movie recording capacity values are approximate and intended for reference only. Actual capacity depends on image contents.
File size and data rate values are approximate and intended for reference only. Actual values depend on the type of image being shot.
When using a memory card with a different capacity, calculate the number of images as a percentage of 16GB.
Each movie can be up to 29 minutes long. Movie recording stops automatically after 29 minutes of recording.

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