EX-F1 Controller 1.001 Software Download

Download File

When the file save dialog box appears, specify the folder on your computer where you want to save the downloaded file, and then click the [Save] button.
DOWNLOAD • F1CT1001E.EXE (43.1 MB) Download

Downloading the File

Click the [Download]  button to download it to your computer.

Installing the Software


To install or uninstall this Software, carefully follow the procedures exactly as they are described in the User's Guide (PDF file) included among the files extracted from the downloaded file. Failure to follow proper procedures may result in improper operations.
* Log in as a user with Administrator privileges when performing installation.
To install the software

Create a folder to store the files that will be generated when you uncompress the downloaded file. Here, we will assume that the folder is named F1CT (Figure 1).
(Figure 1)

Double-click the downloaded compressed file, which is named F1CT1001E.EXE (Figure 2).
When a screen for specifying the storage location appears, click the [Browse] button, select the folder you created in step 1 (F1CT), and then click the [OK] button. This uncompresses the files to the specified folder.
(Figure 2)

Open the folder where the uncompressed files are located (folder F1CT here), and check to make sure the following four files are present (Figure 3).
EX-F1.bin  : EX-F1 firmware update
Setup.exe  : Software and driver installer for computer
Readme_eng.txt  : Read Me (English)
EXF1_PC_SOFT_E.pdf    : User's Guide (English)
(Figure 3)

First, open and read the contents of the file named Readme_eng.txt.
This file provides information that could not be included in the User's Guide for some reason.

Open the file named EXF1_PC_SOFT_E.pdf (User's Guide) and perform installation in accordance with the installation procedure in the file. Failure to follow proper procedures may result in improper operations.

Portable Document Format (PDF) documents can be read with Adobe Reader software. Click here to get the application.
This completes the installation operation. Keep the User's Guide in a safe place for later reference when required.
* The specifications and performance of EX-F1 Control Software are subject to change without notice.
* This upgrade offer may be terminated without notice.

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