Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM 3.1 Software Download

This software is provided for EXILIM users who have been using Photo Loader to manage snapshots and movies on their computers in order to allow them to migrate to HOT ALBUM.
To change from the English language version to another language version, first uninstall the English version and then install the other language version. The images you loaded with the English version still will be available with the other language version.

Download Software Versions

English : Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM Version
French : Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM Version
German : Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM Version
Italian : Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM Version
Spanish : Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM Version

Recommended Operating Environment

Operating System: Windows (2000 Pro, XP, Vista®)
Computer: IBM PC/AT compatible
800MHz minimum CPU (1.5GHz recommended)
At least 256MB of memory (512MB recommended)
CD R/W drive
At least 2GB of free space on system drive
At least XGA (1024 x7 68) 16 bit full-color
Internet Explorer 5 or later installed
Windows Media Player 9 or later, and DirectX9 or later installed


Snapshots and movies recorded with an EXILIM camera can be imported to a computer and managed there.
Imported images can be used to create files and can be stored on HOT ALBUM disks, which are special EVERPLAY standard disks.
Slideshows can be played back from HOT ALBUM disks on a computer or a VCD 2.0 compatible DVD player.
You may not be able to play back MPEG-4 AVI format movies on a Video CD compatible player.
Images can be printed individually or multiple images can be inserted into layout templates for printing.

Version Upgrade Details

Version Version
Adds a function for writing albums to commercially available CD-R discs.
(Requires purchase of a separately available module.)
Speeds up importing of images when running under Windows Vista®.
Version Version
Provides support for French, German, Italian, or Spanish.
Corrects a problem that made it impossible to adjust MOV file volume when playing back a movie on an enlarged screen under Windows Vista®.
Version Version
Addition of Premium functions that can be enabled by paying extra.
Increases the amount of data that can be saved.
Eliminates "blocked startup program" notification when running under Windows Vista®.
(Does not apply when ugrade is performed by smart upgrade.)

About this upgrade

Once Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM is installed, subsequent upgrading is performed by a smart upgrade feature. You can use this page in place of smart upgrade* for upgrading, but to do so you will need to uninstall your old version and then re-install the latest version. Because of this, downloading and installation requires considerable time.
* If your computer is connected to the Internet, the smart upgrade feature will check for the newest version whenever Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM is started up. This way you always are ensured of having the latest version.

Conditions Governing Use

Before you can download and use this software, you must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of a User License Agreement. If you agree to all the terms and conditions of the User License Agreement, select "I Agree" and install the software. Installation will terminate if you do not agree.
* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
* Other company, product, and service names used herein also may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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