[Stamp Maker applications] STC-PC10 - Version 1.00 ( for Windows )

Sep. 2014

Supported Models

For international customers:

The software being offered here is an upgrade for the Stamp Maker application STC-PC10.
Be sure to read all the following information carefully before performing the download and using the upgrade.
Version details
Ver1.00 ( for Windows® 10 (64/32bit) / Windows® 8 (64/32bit) / Windows® 7(64/32bit) / Windows Vista® (64/32bit) / Windows® XP SP3(32bit ) )
To download the Software
1. Click the Stamp Maker STC-PC10.exe  download file name below.
2. On the file save dialog box that appears, specify the folder where you want it to be saved, and then click the Save button. This downloads a self-extracting file to your computer.
To install the Software
1. If an older version of Stamp Maker application is installed, please uninstall beforehand.
2. Quit all other applications that are running on your computer.
3. On the Start menu, click Run.
4. Click the Browse button, and then use the dialog box that appears to select the file you downloaded (Stamp Maker STC-PC10.exe ).
5. Click the Open button, which returns to the Run dialog box.
6. Click OK to start installation.
7. Select the language you want to install and Click OK.
8. After installation of the upgrade is complete, follow the instructions that appear and restart your computer.
Terms and Conditions of Use
Use of this upgrade software is allowed subject to the following terms and conditions. Should you feel that you cannot observe any of the following terms and conditions for some reason, please do not use this upgrade software.
1. You agree to use this software only on the printer model indicated by the "Applicable Printers" item above.
2. You agree not to re-distribute this upgrade software in any form.
3. You agree not to attempt to modify, improve, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this upgrade software.
4. You are not allowed to change any of the copyright markings on this upgrade software in any way.
5. CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. shall not be held liable for any losses arising out of the use of this upgrade software.
6. You agree to download, install, and use this upgrade software at your own risk.
1. Operation of this upgrade software is not supported under Windows® 3.1, 95,2000, XP Professional x64 Edition, or the Macintosh.
2. Operation of this upgrade software is not supported on an operating system that has been upgraded from a previous version.
3. The application may not be able to run correctly on certain system hardware and software configurations.
4. Be sure to read all of the other software precautions and other information that accompanies the upgrade software.
 Download Files
Application Software
Windows® 10 (64/32bit) / Windows® 8(64/32bit)  / Windows® 7(64/32bit)  / Windows Vista®(64/32bit)  / Windows® XP SP3(32bit)
Ver.1.00 Stamp Maker STC-PC10.exe (94MB)

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