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Q19 Is there anything I need to keep in mind in order to ensure proper operation of the trapezoid correction feature of BUSINESS SHOT and "Old Photo(Revive Shot)"?
A19 With BUSINESS SHOT and "old photo", the software must be able to detect the shape to be corrected in order to correct it. If the shape to be corrected runs off the monitor screen or if there is another object in the monitor screen, the camera may not be able to detect the shape you want corrected.
Note the following precaution when using trapezoid correction.

1) Make sure the entire object you are trying to record is enclosed within the monitor screen. The camera will not be able to detect the shape of the subject correctly if part of it is outside of the monitor screen.

2) Make sure the object is against a background that allows its outline to stand out. The camera may not be able to detect the shape of an object that is the same color as its background, or an object whose shape is defined by a boundary that has little contrast.

3) Compose the image to eliminate surrounding objects as much as possible. Composing your image so other square or rectangular objects are included can cause detection error.

4) Note that how you compose an image has an influence on the distortion characteristics of the lens.

5) If shape of the object is extremely distorted,there may be some error in the vertical-horizontal positioning of the margins added to the image following correction.

Note that proper BUSINESS SHOT correction may not be possible even if you observe all of the above precautions. If you still have problems, cancel correction and store the image as-is.

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