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Q9 Can I save images I record using an uncompressed (TIFF) format?
Yes. When displayed, an uncompressed (TIFF) digital image is clearer and higher quality than a compressed (JPEG) image. You should remember, however, that it takes longer to save an uncompressed image, which means that the recording interval between images is longer.
Recording Interval with JPEG Format (Compressed): 2 seconds (3072 x 2304, Normal)
Recording Interval with TIFF Format (Uncompressed): 65 seconds (3072 x 2304, TIFF)
In the TIFF Mode, you cannot record until the save operation of the previous shot is complete.
The above times are based on save operations using a Panasonic 64MB SD memory card.
The above times are approximate and for reference only. They are not guaranteed.
The actual time required to store images depends on shooting conditions and the memory card you are using.

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