When things don't go right...

Q10 The battery does not charge or the charger LED flashes red.
A10 Check the following. 
• When you attach the battery to the charger, check if the charger LED
    lights. If it doesn't, check to make sure that the charger's power cord

    is correctly connected to the charger and to the power outlet. 
   Also check to make sure that the battery is correctly connected to the 

• A flashing red LED (error) may indicate that the temperature of the
   battery or of the area where you are trying to charge is outside the
   allowable range (5°C to 35°C). If this happens, move the battery
   to a location where the temperature is within the allowable range.

   When the battery returns to a temperature where charging can be
   performed, the [CHARGE] lamp will light red.

• A flashing red LED (error) may indicate that charger contacts or 
   battery contacts are dirty. If they are, wipe them with a soft cloth and
   try again.

* If charging fails or the LED continues to flash red after you take the
   steps described above, it could mean that the battery or the charger
   is defective. Contact your local Authorized Service Centers of CASIO

   or CASIO Service Centers.

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