Q5 Why can't I shoot Wide Shot image?
A5 Any of the following can cause Wide Shot operation to stop part way through.
• Subject or camera movement
• Camera movement that is too fast or too slow
• Camera movement outside of the required route
• Camera movement in the wrong direction

Also, any of the following can cause poor Wide Shot results.
• Shooting a Wide Shot image after half-pressing the shutter button to perform Auto Focus may not
  produce the desired result if there are considerable differences in the brightness, color, and/or focus
  of the individual images. If this happens, try changing the focus position by focusing on a different
  subject, etc.
• Since a Wide Shot image is created by joining multiple images together, there may be some roughness
  at the point where two images are joined.
• Shooting under a flickering light source (such as fluorescent lighting) may result in uneven brightness
  and/or coloring in the final Wide Shot image.
• Shooting in dark surroundings may result in a blurred image or may make Wide Shot shooting

The following conditions are not compatible with  Wide Shot shooting.
-Subject whose brightness is very different from that of its surroundings due to artificial light,
  sunlight, etc.
-Rivers, waves, waterfalls, or other subject with constantly changing patterns
-Sky, beach, or other subject with continuous patterns
-Camera too close to the main subject
-Moving subject

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