Power Requirements

Q1 What is the life of the batteries that come with the camera?
The battery life guideline values given below indicate the approximate amount of time at a standard temperature of 23゜C (73゜F) until power automatically turns off due to battery failure. They do not guarantee that the batteries will provide the amount of service indicated. Low temperatures and continued use reduce battery life.
 Operation Alkaline batteries Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries
 Number of Shots (CIPA Standard)*1
 (Operating Time)
230 shots
210 shots
400 shots
430 shots
440 shots
Continuous Snapshot Playback Conditions *2 5 hours
20 minutes
5 hours
20 minutes
6 hours
20 minutes
8 hours
20 minutes
5 hours
40 minutes
Continuous Movie Recording 2 hours
10 minutes
2 hours 3 hours
50 minutes
4 hours
50 minutes
4 hours
20 minutes
Storage Medium:SD Memory Card 1GB  (Panasonic brand PRO HIGH SPEED SD)
: Panasonic LR6 (XW) (Panasonic Corporation)
: DURACELL ULTRA (MX1500) (DURACELL,div of P&G Inc.)
Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride
: Eneloop(HR-3UTG) (SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.)
Capacity:Min. 1900 mAh
: ENERGIZER RECHARGEABLE(NH15-2500)  (Energizer Holdings, lnc.)
Capacity:2500 mAh
Capacity:2650 mAh
*1 Number of Shots (CIPA Standards)
- Temperature : 23゜C (73゜F)
- Monitor screen : On
- Zoom operation between full wide to full telephoto every 30 seconds, during which two images are recorded, one image with flash; power turned off and back on every time 10 images are recorded.
*2  Continuous Snapshot Playback Conditions
- Temperature : 23゜C (73゜F)
- Scroll one image about every 10 seconds
The above values are based on new batteries starting from a full charge.Repeated charging shortens battery life.
Battery life is greatly affected by how much you use flash, zoom and auto focus, and how long leave power turned on.
When being powered by AA-size alkaline batteries (LR6), the camera may not operate at all at temperatures of 5°C(41°F) or lower.

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