Q4 Why can't I perform FlashAir communication?
A4  • Are FlashAir compatible memory card settings configured properly? 
   The FlashAir icon will be transparent if communication is not possible. If the FlashAir compatible memory 
   card is unable to communicate with an accessible point, check the FlashAir communication settings. 
 • If there aren't any problems with the FlashAir communication settings, what you should do next 
   depends on which tab(s) of your camera model the "FlashAir" item appears as described below.

     - "FlashAir" items on the Setup tab or the SETTING tab in both the REC and PLAY modes:
        Is "On" selected for the FlashAir setting?
        Check the current "FlashAir" setting. If it is "Off", change it to "On". 
     - "FlashAir" item on the PLAY tab or the PLAY MENU tab in the PLAY mode only:
        In the PLAY mode, display the PLAY tab and then select the "FlashAir" item.
        Press [SET] to start communication.

If communication is still not possible after you take the steps described above, check the instructions that come with the FlashAir compatible memory card or contact the card manufacturer.

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