Q9 Can Auto Focus be used during movie recording?
No. The initial default setting is PF mode, and so the AF mode is not available. In the Movie Mode, you can select PF, macro, infinity (∞), or MF. The Macro Mode also uses a fixed focus point. The following shows the focus ranges for the PF mode and Macro mode.

Approximate Movie Focus Range
Zoom Factor Focus Mode Setting
Pan Focus Macro Mode
x 1.0 47cm to ∞ 15cm to 25cm
x 1.2 62cm to ∞ 25cm to 48cm
x 1.5 78cm to ∞ 30cm to 56cm
x 1.7 99cm to ∞ 33cm to 55cm
x 2.1 125cm to ∞ 35cm to 52cm
x 2.5 159cm to ∞ 40cm to 57cm
x 3.0 197cm to ∞ 40cm to 53cm

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