REC Mode/Recording Techniques

Q13 If there any way to get a properly aligned image when recording a document or some other rectangular subject that is not straight?
A13 When the camera is at an angle to a business card, document, whiteboard, or other rectangular subject, one side of the subject in the recorded image may appear longer than the side opposite from it. This is called "keystoning," which is caused by the difference in distance from the camera lens to each side of the subject. The side of the subject that is closer to the camera looks longer and the side further from the camera looks shorter. Using the camera's Business Shot Mode automatically eliminates keystoning and gives a normal shape to rectangular subjects. Though the Business Shot Mode is able to eliminate the effects of moderate keystoning, certain conditions may make automatic keystone correction impossible. You can also correct existing images of blackboards, posters, and other rectangular objects with the "Keystone" command, which is located on the "PLAY" tab that appears when you press [MENU] in the PLAY mode.

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