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Q11 Are there times when charging cannot be performed while the camera is connected to a computer with the camera's USB cable?
A11 It depends on the camera's current operational status. Check the camera's back lamp to determine the operational status as described below.

• Lit red
  Charging is being performed normally.
  Charging over a computer connection with the USB cable takes approximately 130 minutes. 
  Charging can take longer, however, depending on connection conditions.

• Lit/Flashing Amber
  Charging being performed in USB data communication mode (camera turned on).

• Unlit
  Charging is complete. Further charging is not required.

• Lit green
  Charging in USB data communication mode (camera is turned on) is complete.

• Flashing Red

-Ambient temperature or the temperature of the battery may be either too high or too low.
Disconnect the USB cable and wait until temperature is within the allowable charging range before trying again.
-Battery contacts may be dirty. Wipe them with a cloth.
-Try connecting to a different computer USB port. Depending on the setup of your computer, you may not be able to charge the camera's battery over a USB connection.
-Possible temperature and/or battery abnormality

*Depending on the setup of your computer, you may not be able to charge the camera's battery over a USB connection. If this happens, use of the USB-AC adaptor that comes with the camera is recommended.
Charging time when using the USB-AC adaptor is approximately 110 minutes.

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