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Q7 How can I copy the contents of the camera's built-in memory to a memory card?
A7 Perform the following steps.
1. Load a memory card with enough capacity to hold the contents of
    built-in memory and then turn on the camera.
2. Perform the following operation on the camera: PLAY [MENU]
    PLAY Tab Copy "Built-in  Card".
    This copies the contents of built-in memory to the memory card.

 • The above procedure cannot be used to copy a single file.
 • You can copy snapshots, movies, audio snapshots, or Voice
   Recording files you recorded with this camera.
 • This operation creates a new folder on the memory card. 
 • If built-in memory does not contain any files that can be copied,
   performing the above operation will cause the message "This function
   cannot be used." to appear.

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