Q11 What should I do if I am having problems recording High-speed (HS) movies?
A11 Note the following points when shooting.
 • The higher the frame rate (speed), the more lighting is required
   when shooting. When shooting a high speed movie, shoot in a
   well-lit environment.
 • When recording certain types of movies, the image that appears
   on the monitor screen may be smaller than normal. When recording
   a high speed movie, there are black bands along the top, bottom,
   left, and right of the screen.
 • When recording a high speed movie, light source flicker can cause
   horizontal bands to appear in the image. This does not indicate

   malfunction of the camera.
  * Though it is hard to detect with the human eye, fluorescent lighting
     and certain other light sources actually flicker. This can cause
     horizontal bands in images, flickering of images, and other problems.
     If this happens, try shooting under natural sunlight or some other
     light source.
 • During high speed movie recording, Auto Focus and exposure remain
    fixed at the levels they were when you initially started recording. Zoom

    and monitor screen content switching are all disabled.

• To focus the image, half-press the shutter button for Auto Focus or
    focus manually before starting the high speed movie recording

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